Oracle Is Dominating The Cloud Market

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"It may seem like it has been around for ages, but the truth is that cloud technology has really only been available to consumers for about a decade. The technology was first offered by Amazon as a means to entice consumers to get even more involved with the online shopping dynasty. This allowed Amazon to grow and become the leader in this technology.

However, with Mark Hurd being named CEO at Oracle, the situation has changed greatly. Where Oracle was a very small fish in the ocean of cloud technology, they have quickly moved to the top under the guidance of Hurd, who made this a focus of the company a few years ago.

What makes Oracle such a great choice for so many consumers is that because they were late to the game, they had more of an opportunity to put in the latest innovations into their cloud technology. If you visit us, you can see how Oracle has quickly moving toward becoming the leader in consumer usage of their cloud systems.

Amazon is still a giant player in this market, but the fact that they don’t have the latest innovations and much of what they do offer is old, this has put them behind companies like Oracle. Many consumers have left Amazon to join Oracle because they find that what Oracle has to offer is by far superior and they are right.

It has been the vision of the Oracle CEO to make sure that consumers had all the advantages possible by turning to the company for their cloud storage and this is paying huge dividends at Oracle. More than 48 percent of Amazon customers have left to join Oracle’s cloud and the company as a whole is now worth over $46 billion. It is truly a testament to how great this company is and how amazing they are yet to be.

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