Multipurpose Tea Tree Essential Oil Benefits

Tea tree essential oil is one of the best oil that serves a wide range of purposes. It is the oil that is obtained from the distillation of tea tree. It has medicinal properties, healing properties and therapeutic properties for promoting better health and appearance. Initially, it was used in Australia but now it is used worldwide. You can easily buy tea tree oil bottle from the local medical store, supermarket or from the online store.

Benefits of using tea tree oil

Here are some of the benefits of using tea tree oil for the best of your health and appearance.

Treatment of skin

The reason for pimple varies from person to person, some may develop pimple due to hormonal changes while the others may develop acne or pimple due to oily skin, pollution, and excessive use of chemical based cosmetic products and many more. Other skin problems include psoriasis, white spot, skin fungal infection and many more. People try hard by trying out the medicinal treatment and herbal treatment for improving their skin condition without having a side effect, but nothing is as much effective as the use of tea tree oil.  It has the anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties that help in treating pimples and prevent them leaving their marks on the skin. It prevents body odor, itching and cures dry skin.

Treatment of the hair problems

For having the best appearance, your hair cannot be neglected. Hair problems include hair fall, dandruff, scalp infection, lice etc. These problems are needed to be treated as soon as possible. Tea tree essential oil is the best home-made and herbal remedy for treating the hair problems. Some researches have also concluded that tea tree oil helps in promoting the hair growth. On massaging with tea tree oil mixed with any kind of carrier oil will unclog the hair follicles hence help your hair to grow. It makes your hair voluminous and lengthy both. Mix few drops of tea tree oil with shampoo to get rid of the lice and dandruff. Along with these benefits, tea tree oil helps in locking the moisture in each strand of hair. Hence, it prevents dryness which ultimately makes your hair to look shiner and softer.

Other benefits of tea tree oil

It can be used as a cleaner for floor, tiles and clothes. There is a need to take 2 or 3 drops of oil and use it with detergent or simply spray it on the floor or clothes that you want to clean. Air spray of tea tree oil helps in keeping the insects and mosquitoes away.

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