Mensen Ontomoeten

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"You cannot relish success if you have not tasted failure. Failure makes us strong, shatters our ego, teaches us to remain humble, and makes us kneel down before Almighty. Success is always associated with pride, arrogance, humiliate others and in turn incur some bad ‘karma’. Very few people who have seen failure from close quarters do not let success get into their head and can maintain their sanctity in face of both stupendous success and disastrous failure. Such level headed people have become a rarity these days. Mensen Ontomoeten however that should never deter someone to take the plunge again. I have heard of many a broken hearts, dreams aspiration in dating site and seen building up of hopes, family and wonderful relationships on the same portal.


Do not restrain yourself so much that time slips away like sand from your closed fist and you keep waiting in the shore for the fear of getting drowned. Go ahead take the plunge even if you have failed earlier. You do not know you might come out the winner this time. You might not be aware but the Almighty is always there with His failed kids. They need a hug more, need to see one more dream, need more love than His successful kids and who understands it better than the Father? Take the advice of a grey haired person, take the plunge, be honest to yourself and the other person while maintaining safety and leave the rest to God. He knows better what you want and what would be best suitable for you. Trust me He takes care of everything once you surrender your desire to Him. Go ahead in spite of mensen ontomoeten and try your luck from among a pool of most eligible singles across the globe. I pray to get a wedding card soon!

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