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Inspirational Journey Of CEO Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"CEO of the company is a very big position that every person wants to achieve once in their life. But what happens when a person manages to become a CEO of 3 big companies back to back. It seems to be an impossible task but Mark Hurd is able to achieve this feat. His journey is a very inspirational one because he is a very common person who never dreamt of becoming a CEO. But his skills, dedication and good management strategies helped him to achieve the feat that every person dreams to achieve.

Journey of Mark Hurd

After completing his bachelor degree in business administration from Baylor University, he joined the NCR Corporation as a junior salesman but he was able to get a quick growth in terms of designation. He served there for almost 25 years and after 21 years of his true and dedicated service, he got the designation of president and later on became the CEO.

In 2005, he moved to HP and at that time HP was going through a tough phase where they recorded an inconsistent growth in their profit. But Mark Hurd was able to guide the company towards the path of profit. During that time that means 2005-2010 HP attained a profit of almost 55-63%. Under the leadership of Mark Hurd, company was able to sell highest number of PCs in 2007 and laptop in 2008-09.

During his time in HP, HP also provided all computer parts and installation services to oracle. Due to which founder of Oracle’s Larry Ellison and CEO Mark Hurd become a good friends. It is believed that Larry Ellison offered him a position of Co-CEO in an oracle after he retired. That’s why M. Hurd joined Oracle in 2010 as a president and later on became the Co-CEO of the company.

All You Need To Know About Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Everyone knows about the Mark Hurd CEO of oracle. He is one of the brightest and also considered as a one of a very intelligent persons that business industry has ever witnessed. Becoming a CEO of three big companies back to back is almost considered as next to impossible task but he did it because of his exceptions skills.

His journey is something that inspires a millions. He also wrote a book that is a must read for the ones who are young entrepreneurs and want to do something unique. His journey became more inspiring because he does not have a business background. He is an ordinary man who completed his studies from Baylor University and also carries a passion for the game of tennis. He came into the business world and worked for almost 25 years with NCR Corporation. This step proved to be as a revolutionary step in the life of Mark Hurd.

Amazing skills behind his success

In NCR Corporation he emerged as a great manager that had great skills of management, understands the business very well, always comes up with great ideas and shows great ability and vision. After seeing these qualities in him, he was appointed as the CEO of the company after 25 years of service to NCR Corporation. He served 2 years as a CEO of NCR corporation and then served 5 years as a CEO of HP. During his time in HP, his great vision and performance lead the company to a whole new level and the stock of the company also rose. During his time in HP he developed a friendship with Larry Ellison who was also the co-founder of oracle. It is considered that Larry Ellison offered Mark Hurd the position of CEO in Oracle and it was a kind offer that he couldn’t turn down and now he is the current Co-CEO of the company.

Build Your E-Commerce Empire

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Is The Snapchat Hack App The Best?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "snapchat hack"The answer is really simple. It is. Snapchat is not what it was said to be after all and what used to be. Many people have waited for such a texting app and many have installed it on their devices. The fact is that the messaging app that promised so much about content security is just a silly prank. It was already hacked and you can now retrieve the deleted content with a simple hack app.

There are no content barriers

Even if this is about someone in your family, close friends or even a person from work, you can now check their chats on Snapchat with a new and simple to use Snapchat hack app. It shows you messages, photos or videos, the date and time of the sent and received objects and text. The hidden content opens for you digitally with the use of a single app.

Use it wisely

You install the app on the target device, phone or tablet, and it works automatically in stealth mode. The person you desire to hack won’t even know what you are doing and won’t see the app running. It does far more than you imagined, it doesn’t bring you only Snapchat content. It also offers you the possibility to track that device’s location through GPS, manage the phone calls or view the web browser history. Those new features are available only with this app and so you gain much more than just a peek into the targeted user.

You can now worry less about the safety of your children and the possible lies that others tell you. You can see for yourself what has been hidden from you and you can prevent real tragedies that can happen to your family under your watch.